May I present my eclectic collections of timeless, up-tempo, original tunes, ranging from full-blown rock to old-time country and many side twist & tunes in between. I do not fit any one-slot or genre. All my tunes tell a story of sorts and target different emotions.

I am fortunate to have 3 of the best musicians in the world as my studio musicians. They are all renown individually and collectively: John Herrara, Demitri Sahnas, Thano Sahnas all together as Turning Point. They put the magic in my songs. They are amazing.


I started my musical journey at the age of 4 years old. I always loved to sing. I was in the church and school choir all throughout my school years. In my twenties, I moved in with a drummer. Boy that was an education! Soon I came to realize that the only way I was ever going to get my foot in the door was to write songs. In order to write, I had to learn how to play the guitar; and so I started. I wrote my first song when I could barely play three cords. I love this songwriting journey I am on, and I have no intentions of ever stopping. I’m having too much fun. All of my songs have their own story, and they are all different. I do not write with any one musical genre in mind; so I guess Americana is a good catch-all, maybe Rock, Country, Alternative, Blues.

You will just have to listen and decide for yourself. All my tunes are up-tempo, so they are good to put on while you’re working on something like the yard, house, or car. They have a good positive energy. Enjoy!


Musical Influences


Musicals, Beatles, Eagles, James Taylor, The Band, Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt, Emmylou Harris, Little Feat, Carol King, Linda Ronstadt, Dire Straits, Rosanne Cash, Dolly Parton, Don Williams, Atlanta Rhythm Section, Melissa Manchester, Carly Simon, Pure Prairie League, Phoebe Snow, Paul Simon, Bob Marley & The Wailers, Eric Clapton, and Juice Newton.  Ok, now I am giving away my age, but that’s alright. I am proud who I am, and my unique musical background.

I was so, so blessed to have found Thano & Dimitri Sahnas and John Herrera, who are among the most talented musicians in the world. They are the core musician on all of my recordings, and I still record with them every chance I get. I am so proud to say that after all these years of recording with them, they are awesome friends, and consider me to be a part of their extended family.


As a child, due to circumstances, I was rather isolated; there for my only real solace was singing in the backyard. This became my obsession and as a little girl, I vowed to myself to sing everyday for the rest of my life, which I did until I was 19 when my twin was killed in a car wreck. Then I stopped singing for about 4 years which totally screwed me up. I was an extreme mess during those years. Music is the best therapy on the planet, I will never stop again. Anyway once again the music was my obsession, and although I could never claim to be the best vocalist, I kept at it; persistently pursuing my dreams to be a good singer-songwriter, and at least an adequate guitar player. It was a success. By 1993 I had enough songs written to start recording and have been recording ever since.

I am so blessed and I want to say thank you to my fans. You are the best!